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http://www.dumbbell-exercise.com  Dumbbell Exercises & Workouts
 “Helping You Gain More Muscle, Lose Weight, or Just Get Yourself in Better Physical Shape.”

http://www.fitnessatlantic.com      Fitness Muscle<>           
Fitness Atlantic natural bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini and modeling competition in New England

http://www.criticalbench.com  Critical Bench Weight Lifting, Weight Training & Strength Training
"You were born small & weak but, nobody said you have to stay that way"

Pilates Exercises Guide Pilates Exercise Guide provides tips on pilates beginners andchoosing your pilates instructor. Learn more about the theory and practice behind the extremely efficient exercise system known as Pilates.
My Fitness PlanetFor 24 hour fitness there is no better choice than My Fitness Planet. With state of the art software that has the ability to build you unlimited custom workouts based on your needs, goals, medical history, exercise history, and availability; undoubtedly makes My Fitness Planet your number one, one stop 24 hour fitness source.
Here you will find the information on how to find the place for your home gym and some ideas of how to allocate it, how to choose different components of training equipment and how to train with them without being bored.
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Home Aquatic Exercise  HomeSwimmer is a revolutionary portable home aquatic exercise system designed to maximize the effectiveness and comfort of your workout.
Personal Trainer Certification with the I.A.R.T.
IPF Home Page 
Free body fat calculator allows you to calculate body fat and body composition on line
The skinny guy's guide to building muscle mass
Faith Sloan's Bodybuilding Site
Power Factor Publishing Online
PROTRACK Workout Tracking Software The Internet Fitness Resource
Price's Power International Nutrition and Export
Deepsquatter.com - Powerlifting, Strongman Training, Weightlifting
IPF Regulation Powerlifting Gear
Musclehead - Bodybuilding and Fitness
The New PowerStep
 Iron Temple - Wes Marden's Weightlifting Site
 The Barnett Training System
BodyFat Software - Software that calculates and records your body fat percentages and more
Awesome Health through Nutrition and Fitness
Practical Weight Loss
Workout Delivery, your premier online supplier of  workout programs, personal training, health contests, exercise equipment, and more!

Boomers and Others Fitness- A one-stop-shop book for all your fitness needs. This is a one-stop-shop book for all your questions as they pertain to strength training, nutrition, supplements, cardio, Boomer Tips plus a lot
Kenchi's Senior Fitness Site
2-Fit Bodybuilding and Fitness Site
At Home Fitness - Save on Quality Equipment Factory Direct
POWER 90 - You can get the body you always dreamed of by following this 90 day exercise routine and weight loss program.