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Hi, Sherm,


Just a quick note to say "thanks" for such an ingenious device!!  The Barbell Free Spotter is easily one of the best additions to my home gym.  I work out alone, and have never been able to confidently bench (flat bench) over 185-195 lbs, and even when benching this amount of weight I could not go to failure.  I have now used the Free Spotter for about a month and am very impressed with my confidence and strength gains!  Originally my goal was to get up to 8-10 reps with 225 lbs.  I am already at 3-4 reps with this weight and have set my new max at 275 lbs - once unthinkable for me!  In addition to using the Free Spotter for Flat, Incline, and Decline Bench Press, I use it for Shoulder Press, Squats, and Pull-ups.




You can tell I really like the overall product, since I keep buying more stuff. I saw the testimonial where the guy said he hoped it would make you rich, and I'm surprised you don't emphasize some of the less-obvious but really great aspects of the spotter. Maybe you've considered some or all of these, but I'll mention them anyway. You are also welcome to use all or part of this email on the testimonial page.

1. The benefit of not accidentally dropping the weight on yourself is obvious,
2. The benefit of being able to lift maximal weight to failure for performance improvement is obvious,

What is less obvious to a prospective buyer seems to me to be,

3. The ability to begin with the weight in the starting position. On a normal rack with a heavy weight
      a. you're joints are not in a strong position and you risk injuring yourself
      b. you can't move as much weight off the rack as you can do reps with, so you limit performance gains
4. This is doubly true for dumbbells, where the weight you can move in the performance range can be much more that you can get from floor to starting position
5. You could theoretically use your olympic bar as a pullup bar, eliminating one more thing from a cluttered gym space.
6. You could have a whole gym that takes up very little space when not in use. If you hang the ropes directly from the ceiling, the only things that "have" to be on the floor when not in use is a bench and a plate rack. With the barbell as pullup bar, that's one more thing out of the way.
7. And if you have a foldable Hoist Bench like me (love it), the bench doesn't even take up any space.
8. On that note, if you promoted the "whole gym" aspect, you might also build a Shermworks foldable bench and a plate rack (assuming shipping was affordable) and sell the whole "Shermgym" package.
9. In any case, even if you're not building benches and such, I'm surprised you don't have a page on the website showing such a "Shermgym", with everything in use in a few pics, and then everything out of the way and the family happily playing games or some such thing in the freed-up space.

Anyway, those are musings I've had as I've pondered the best way to use this equipment. I actually have mine hung on a power rack because I already have one, and because I rent my ceiling. Also helps when I need to do exercises the freespotter hasn't really worked with, like the close grip presses we've discussed, and also - I've discovered - front squats. Haven't tried adjusting the springs yet as you suggested.


I've used the Free-Spotter for a full rotation of my exercises and I have no complaints.  I've used my bar for pullups (a nice bonus, now I don't need a separate     pullup bar), military presses, and squats, and all of these exercises are improved by the Free-Spotter.  No more worries about controlling the weight and no more      stopping before failure.  This morning I maxed out on bench presses and worked to failure without fearing the reaper.  The last time I had such a good chest workout I was trapped under the bar and lifting for my life!  I hope the Free-Spotter's making you rich. (not yet - Sherm)


I have to say Sherm the free spotter is the best thing I have ever used. It is only second to  a person spotting for you. I have a smith machine and I am sure I will never use it again.

I received my free spotter today and was using it in 30 min. Great product.

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I liked your product in just one workout.


I normally don't post on any forums but without this piece of equipment
I wouldn't have been able to reach my goals . I lift at home about 70
percent of the time by myself. All of my heavy benching is done on this
machine. I have had it for about five years and have had no problems
out of it. I have had as much as 590 on it and I would trust it for
much more. If you lift by yourself with heavy weights this is a must
have. I feel the range of motion is as close as you can get to benching
with no spotters. There is no way I could have won at USAPL bench
nationals if I didn't have this equipment. Like I said I train by
myself most of the time but I always feel safe maxing out. Thanks Sherm

 I have had a chance to use the Free-Spotter, and I
love it. I am able to do incline, decline, and flat benches, then just
move my bench and do squats. I have been able to get that extra rep, or
at least attempt it, so I know that I have exhausted the muscles
I was contemplating buying a smith machine prior to finding
the Free-Spotter, and I feel this is so muchbetter, takes up much
less room and costs so much less as well. I could have bought a leverage
bench too, but you don't get to work all the other muscles as much,
because you don't have to control the weight, just lift it. 
When I am not lifting, I remove most of the weights and push it right up to my
floor joists and don't have to worry about my son getting hurt either.
Thanks so much for inventing this, I think a lot more
people would lift more in their own homes if they knew about this.
Don't worry I am spreading the news to everyone that I know.
Take care and thanks for the solution to my lifting situation.

     --I have been using the Olympic collar free-spotter for over 8 months now and
     I can honestly say that this is the best investment I have made for my home
     gym. When I'm training with the free-spotter every set can be done with
     maximum intensity! I push and push until I can't move - then just let go.
     The free spotter grabs the weight and holds it there until my next agonizing
     set. Even if you do have a training partner, the free-spotter eliminates the
     need to haul heavy dumbbells around and is a heck of a lot cheaper than
     having a set of 100 pound to 200 pound dumbbells.
     I've lifted more weight with those things than I can count. 
     All the training for the contest I was in was done using them and 
     I'm using them while training for the next one. I've
     added 50 pounds of all natural bodyweight (250 up to 300 pounds) since my
     last contest and good, heavy, painful dumbbell exercises are part of what is
     packing that on. I can't push heavy without trusting the free-spotter to
     catch me when I'm screaming on that last rep - of each set!

Sherm, I just wanted to email you to let you know my thoughts about the Freespotter.  I received the Freespotter barbell and dumbbell kits about a year ago.  I loved the Freespotter from the first time I used it.  I used the Freespotter with my Power Rack, and was convinced that this was something people must own if they want to work out at home.  The combination of the Power Rack and the Freespotter offer something that most commercial gyms do not offer.  I don't know of a gym that has a self spotting Free Weight machine.

I loved the concept of the Freespotter so much, I thought I would "upgrade" to the Prospot.  I purchased the Prospot 100, which is similiar to the Freespotter as far as the self spotting concept.  I returned it within the first week.  The electrical sensors would constantly lock during squat exercises.  It just didn't feel or work as well as my Freespotter.  Just thought I would share this story with you, to let you know what how well your invention works.  Thanks again, Sherm.


Received today. This has to be one of the best inventions I have ever seen. I went up to 600lbs, and I was more worried about my squat rack holding the weight than the free spotter. This is the best thing since sliced bread, you have to be a genious. Should go to some the weight lifting forums and tell everyone about this. There is alot of guys that train alone like myself that are very interested in your product.  Thanks again

Three days ago I spoke with Sherm who politely answered all my questions and so, I ordered out the free-spotter.
 It arrived in two days and today I installed it. The instructions were well written down to how to tie the knot around the upper rack.
All components were of good quality and heavy-duty enough to support far more than I will lift. Everything went together easily as outlined in the instructions.
I tested it by doing a flat and inclined bench press. The operation was smooth and the release and latching was immediate and firm without a hint of binding.
All in all, this is an example of simple but excellent design that is very affordable and carries a good warranty.
In my case, it allows me to concentrate on lifting heavy without the fear of getting into trouble. five stars ***** Sherm


     -- I bought the dumbell free-spotter from you last fall. Always meant to tell 
     you how much I like them, but never got around to writing. Well, tonight 
     those bad boys saved my bacon. I was on the first rep of my first set of 
     bench presses and I lost control of one of the bells. Don't know why or 
     how, but...instead of sustaining a serious injury, I just let go, stood up 
     slowly, took a couple of deep breaths, and reset the bells to the top. I 
     was able to knock out my sets no problem. It only takes one time.
     No way would I be able to train alone without the free-spotters. I tell all 
     of my friends who train alone they gotta get 'em. Thanks again for a great 

     --Just wanted to give you a bit of feedback and say that the Free Spotter 
     really is a great piece of equipment.  I am enjoying my training and it 
     fantastic to be able to train at home without fear of getting pinned, 
     or failing on the squat and doing myself damage. Thanks for producing 
     such a wonderful and innovative device - it has breathed new life into 
     my strength training.


-- I just wanted to let you know how I love the freespotter.  The best piece of
equipment I have ever purchased that performed even better than I expected.
It makes me want to go out and lift.

-- I've had my Free-Spotter now for almost three years and a note to you is
long overdue.  All I can say is that that the Free-Spotter is, by far, the
single best investment I have made in weight training equipment. As an older
guy who largely trains alone and prefers to go to failure during each set,
the Free-Spotter has been invaluable in helping me maximize my training
regimen. Combined with a power cage the Free-Spotter has been the center of
my workouts.  Aside from normal considerations, I have had no undue concerns
about the safety of the Free-Spotter.
Thanks again for your great product.

          -- Comment form a DAX Safety Gym owner: